Fly Fishing Mako Sharks


Did you ever want to catch on the oceans top apex predators on a fly rod and reel? It is not beyond anyone who can cast a rod and wind a reel. In the USA one the best fisheries for catching Mako Sharks are the waters surrounding San Diego California. Within a short distance from the harbor and with land in sight some of the best shark fishing available in the world is done year round. Not only Makos, but Blues, Threshers and Hammerheads.


Mako Sharks on Fly

Summertime offers the best conditions of the year and also the most Mako sharks in the slick. The fishery is a nursery ground for fish from pups to bulldogs with the occasional big dog. In general fly fisherman target fish up to 200 lb but there are numerous fish under and up to the100 lb class. For many anglers that will be the catch of their lives! This fishery offers a unique chance to experience catching this species on fly and without doubt you have the highest percentage chance of achieving this here than anywhere else in the world.

If this sounds like the fishing you want to try then you are at the right place to book your trip with confidence. Please follow the links above to arrange your trip with one of the most experienced Mako Shark Captains on the planet.